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mentions and conditions

  1. The person (driver) renting the vehicle must be present on delivery. Original driving license or an international driving license and passport are to be produced – failure to do so will result in getting your booking go void.
  2. Only authorized drivers whose names are on the contract will be covered by insurance. Under the penalty of cancellation of the Insurance Policy No unauthorised person should drive the vehicle at anytime in any circumstance.
  3. Smoking in the car is not permitted by law and the car hire company; In case of drinking and driving the insurance does not cover and all costs are to be borne by the renter.
  4. FUEL POLICY: The tenant has the responsibility to use appropriate fuel. At recovery, the vehicle fuel must be brought back to the same amount upon delivery.If for unforeseen reasons the car that you booked cannot be delivered. POP reserves the right to provide you with another car in the same category or a car of superior category at no extra charge.
  5. PAYMENTS: Payment can be made on spot in Cash (Euro or Mauritius Rupees) or by Credit Card; Payment in Mauritius Rupees is calculated on prevailing exchange rate or predefined rates on proposed quote.
  6. REFUND POLICY: All cancellations can be by email or phone before the start of the rental. Once you start your rental and engage into a contract with the Company UNUSED DAYS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED; Swapping of vehicles can be authorised only in case of availabilities and remain at the entire discretion of  POP Rental Agency
  7. INSURANCE & Renters Responsibility: By signing the rental agreement the tenant commits himself/herself to take due care of the vehicle and bears full responsibility in case of any responsible /irresponsible damage arising to it.Our vehicles carry an insurance excess of 500 Euro – 650 Euro depending on the car category. We do not block your credit card but you sign relevant document (Rental Contract) making you liable to pay this money in case there is any damage to the vehicle.In case of accident POP should be immediately notified and the vehicle should not be used without the approval of the company.In the event where it is difficult to situate responsibility in case of accident, the company reserves the right to charge the full deposit and at a later stage make any refund if necessary; all charges pertaining to refund in this situation are to be borne by the client.In the event of theft in the vehicle (5 wheels, jack & tools, aerial antenna, wipers, mirrors, wheel covers, car keys etc), we are obliged to charge you the totality of the insurance deposit or any cost of repairs arising ? irrespective of the Excess amount Not included in the Insurance Waiver Charge (SCDW):
    Loss of vehicle keys, damage or loss of property that would be left in the car is not covered by insurance. The insurance does not cover damages caused in wrong manipulation of external mirrors & radio cassette, flat/damaged tire, stolen personal belongings….All our cars are rented in good condition. During the rental if there is a mechanical problem or seeing an anomaly indicated on the dashboard, the client must stop the car immediately and must inform the rental company.
  8. The renter has no right to change/replace parts or repair the car without the permission of the car rental company.
  9. All fines or all violations of the law are the responsibility of the client during the period of the rental car.
  10. If you do not show up with the car at recovery time, you will be requested to pay extra money depending on the delay- we are flexible for 30 minutes – 1hr delay which may occur due to road & weather conditions.

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